Saturday, April 15, 2017

Shadow War Armageddon First Terrain Piece Done

 OK, who else has noticed that too many games are coming out? Dropzone, Dropfleet, Blood Bowl, Prospero, Hammerhal, never mind the backlog of Age of Sigmar stuff clogging up my table. Well, last weekend, Shadow War Armageddon dropped. It's the re-release of Necromunda. And it sold out here in Edmonton in about an hour. Fortunately, I had a pre-order.

First terrain piece done.

Actually, the box is mostly terrain. Sure, there are a few sprues of Orcs and Marine scouts from the 40K universe. But, mostly it's a box of terrain. A big box of terrain.

Here's the painting process I used (borrowing heavily from the weathering tutorial I took down at the LVO a few months back).

I started with assembly, and then a white primer coat.

Then oversprayed five shades of Secret Weapon Rust.

Then the secret ingredient. Sponged on latex mold builder.

Next, sprayed on the main colours. I chose all cool, neutral tones.

Then the latex was rubbed off, revealing some awesome rust spots.

Then I went to work with acrylic washes for shading, and worked up the rust with a mix of washes, rust paint and glaze medium.

Combat zone...oops, blood.

All the techniques were quick...but the piece is so big, it took the better part of a week to finish off.

Can't wait to get the whole set done and out on the table for some Necromunda goodness.

A final shot. Really happy with how it turned out, and now have a process down to move onto the other pieces.

Started into my first hive gang...I mean, kill team. Genestealer Cult. These figs are from the Hybrid box and Deathwatch Overkill. The figure on the right is a completed cultist (painted for Rogue Stars), which I'm going to use as the pattern for my Armageddon team. Also started into the bases, seen in the foreground.

In order to get the orange jumpsuit to look proper in this scale, I've resorted to severe pre-shading.

The figures were primed in black, and then highlighted in pure white in order to set down a layer that will take the airbrushed orange base colour.

'Til next time.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Painting is a 4-Letter Word...Episode #4

Here is the audio capture from our February painting night. As always...explicit language warning.

'Til next time.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Some Better Photography

Trotted out the lightbox.



And a final shot.

The new Necromunda is out today...time to build some terrain.

'Til next time.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Shadows Over Hammerhal feels like I haven't finished a painting project in a long time. And when I look back, it's true. Well, finally off the painting table is the first batch of 10 figures from the new Warhammer Quest game, Shadows Over Hammerhal.

I started with the Bloodreavers. Here they are assembled and based on some resin inserts.

Hammerhead is different than Silver Tower, in that it uses a GM to run the game. Not sure how that will go down with the game group. Well, we'll time...once all the damn figures are painted!

Assembled figures were primed white, as usual.

And then they got the floor wax treatment.

To speed things up, I sprayed on the skin tones, and some dark brown for the pants.

Then I worked on the skin for a bit. Basic wash, and some bruising around the scars.

Large areas of base colours went down next. Red and metal, mostly. Also worked on the bases at this point.

Then came all the detail and finishing work (including some highlight passes on the skin). Once everything was done, I dropped the resin base inserts into the base blanks (thanks Cool Mini Or Not). And the first enemies of the Hammerhal set are complete.

At the same time, I painted this Slaughterpriest figure that came with the relaunch issue of White Dwarf last September.

Pretty cool figure, actually, and you can use it in Silver Tower.

 Well, that's all for today.

'Til next time.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Two Months of Odds and Ends

So...back in the middle of January, I blew out my knee. Thus began a concerted 2-month effort to walk properly and climb stairs again. Arthroscopic surgery happened at the beginning of February and physiotherapy began shortly after...just in time to be walloped with a huge mid-winter cold. I've been laid up for some time. All of this to explain a lack of blog's been a while. Anyway, back in the saddle.

Here's a quick catch-up post.

Painting is a 4-Letter Word, episode 3 from January. Better late than never!

...and Go Knee!

I'd have to say that the best hobby time I've had over the past several months has been our monthly painting nights. We usually get five to seven local hobbyists (including a core of podcasters from Hobby Night in Canada) out for these events, and they've really been a good time.

Back at the beginning of February, I took a flight down to Vegas and attended the LVO. It was huge this year. The 40K tournament alone was well over 400 players.

And Vegas was good to me during the trip. Won a number of jackpots, including this sweet one for 2Gs...which really went a long way towards paying for some exorbitant hobby purchases!

Gaming-wise at the LVO, I was focused on Dropfleet. Played a number of games.

Including one against birthday boy, Ward Kapach.

Also attended a great painting workshop run by Aaron Lovejoy. Learned how to weather model surfaces with latex mould builder and acrylic paint.

More Dropfleet at the Tuesday Night Game Club.

 ...On multiple occasions.

And joined a Dropfleet escalation league up at Mission Fun and Games, run by our local Hawk Talon, Trevor. Our first game day saw 10 (!) players come out. Amazing.

While it's been pretty quiet for me on the painting front, I did manage to churn out some Dropfleet clusters with resin sector objectives from Hawk.

To finish up with this catch-up blog, I also ran a painting workshop up at Thunderground last Sunday. We had a good turnout, and I was able to share some fun techniques with the guys who came out.

Well, got lots of games in, despite being hobbled for the last several weeks. And Vegas was lots of fun.

'Til next time.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Scourge Dragon Battleship and Nickar (Ersatz)

So, the Las Vegas Open is coming up weekend as a matter of fact...and the Dropfleet list building rules for the tournament were just released a week ago. At 1250 points, I needed a Dragon battleship, pronto. 

They came into stock last week at Meeplemart, so I ordered mine and crossed my fingers it would get here on time for the convention. Got my shipping notice last Monday, and the model arrived on Friday. Built it Friday night (easy 16-piece kit), and here it is...Sunday afternoon and tabletop-ready.

In addition, to round out my list, I shoved in a 22-point Nickar corvette. Well, the kits aren't released yet, but tournament rules allow for I used a GW Screamer. Looks like a similar model, if a little on the big side, but I'm not going to complain. Models built and painted in time to get on the plane Thursday.

Carnage awaits.

'Til next time.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

More Scourge for Dropfleet

In the race to get ready for the Las Vegas Open (Feb 3-5), I've been working on my Dropfleet stuff. Here is the contents of another starter set done.

Now I just need to complete one battleship and one more frigate to get to 1500 points. Hopefully that Meeplemart order will get here this week!

'Til next time.